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What is PROMPT Therapy?

PROMPT stands for Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets. The technique is a tactile-kinesthetic approach that uses tou...


Sensory Diet for Meltdowns

Children with sensory processing difficulties (SPD) will often exhibit a flight or fight response, aka a “meltdown.” Meltdowns occur more freq...


Childhood Handwriting Red Flags: How OT Can Help

When we see our children struggling with handwriting, oftentimes parents are unsure where to turn. Below is a list of potential red flags that the...


Is Your Child a Sensory Seeker or a Sensory Avoider?

  • Understanding sensory integration issues in kids.

Sensory integration is the key to a happy and healthy nervous system. In children, when nervous systems aren't functioning properly, we often see anxiety, poor frustration toler...


Late Talkers/Late Bloomers: What Parents Need to Know

  • (and When to Consider Speech Therapy)

Is your child not speaking as much or as clearly as his or her peers? After observing interactions with cousins at a family function, classmates in the music group, or peers on ...


2021 Kids Anxiety: Facing New Challenges with Occupational & Speech Therapy

  • 10 AUG 2021
  • Preparing children & families for the challenges ahead.

In some ways, our kids have been impacted by the pandemic more than anyone. We’ve all heard our children express some or all of these feelings in one form or another in the pa...